Nevada Day Parade

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the number of people who are interested in walking with our campaign in the Nevada Day Parade on Saturday, Oct. 27. Some of you I know personally, but if we haven’t met yet, please reach out as I would love to meet you. And, if you are interested in[…]

Candidate Debate Highlights

“Zemke wrapped up her comments saying politicians ‘need to find the moral courage to help families with the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.’” Did you watch the forum? If not, view it HERE. My campaign is about listening and acting on the issues that concern the people of Nevada Assembly District 40. For additional highlights of[…]

“And I’m a mom”

I am proud to be a mom and in fact believe it is one of the many reasons I am qualified to represent the hard working people of Nevada. Not only do I believe our children and their futures are one of the most important issues facing us, but that they in fact should be[…]

Labor Day

When I was a teen mom trying to make my way in this world for myself and my infant son, I found a union job. It was an entry level position with a county agency and it meant a future. A union job in the 1990s meant paid time off, healthcare, cost of living increases,[…]